The Politics of Electronic Space:

Web Security



             A pair of 18 year-old teenagers hacked into at least 9 E-commerce websites around the world, stealing credit-card information of more than 26,000 accounts, including that of Microsoft’s founder, Bill Gates. (Straits Times, 27/3/2000)


            Two youths hacked into the computer system of internet users, then posted the log-in names and passwords of 17 SingNet subscribers on a public website called “SickNet”.   Using a program “Trojan Horse”, keystrokes were sent back to the hacker without the users’ knowledge.  (Straits Times, 07/03/1999)


            Articles like the ones above have became a norm these days, hacking is not a new thing, but there is not much that had been done to prevent it from recurring.  This brings us to the issue here, Internet or Web security.