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Website Analysis


What’s Not?

          A very obvious downside of this website is its poor use of typefaces.  Texts are not differentiated effectively to give visual impact.  It uses only one type of font and there are no boldface or italics.  Such may appear dull to some readers, and it is definitely uninspiring.


          Graphics are hardly used in the entire site, except the compass on its main page, which appear to be confusing to first time readers.  Contents listing on subsequent pages are in the form of texts, not even any use of Graphical User Interface.  This may appear a tad too plain for the user.


          Another minus point on this site is perhaps its lack of return buttons.  Sub-pages only provides outward links and not links back to home page or previous pages.  Thus the user needs to rely on the “back” icon on the browser.  Reader may possibly stray away too far from the main page, eventually “lost” in hyperspace should the link be “forgotten”.