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Website Analysis


What’s Great?

Only three colours are used in the main page, namely red and black on a white background.  This colour combination is known to be most contrasting visually so as to give the reader a clear picture and enhanced readability when navigating in it.


The contents column on the main page is well organized, sitting by the right margin, and colour-coded.  Grey tabs link the reader to homepages of major tabloids such as USA Today, while red tabs link internally to other pages within the same site.  The latter, classified according to topics such as world news, entertainment, sports, and so on, will then lead to listing pages with all possible links to the topic chosen.


Despite its sometimes lengthy pages of links, the website has made an effort to put in a contents feature within every page.  For sub-pages, sub-classifications of topic chosen are displayed at the top where readers will be “sent” down to the desired section at the click of the respective hyperlink.  This saves the chore of scrolling downwards to locate the desired section.