"Writerly" Texts

The reader as a producer of the text.


In today’s high-speed internet environment, the advent of hypermedia has became a norm.  It was not long ago when internet was termed a “passing fad”.  Many were skeptical of such a vast network, suspecting it’s usability in its full form.


            Not until today, do people realise that internet is “it”.  Information superhighway became the “most traveled" road of all.  The number of features that came along skyrocketed.  E-commerce became the fastest growing industry of all time.


            Indeed, internet changed the way things work, may I boldly say, it changed the way planet earth rotates!  But that’s not all, in meaning creation and in educational uses and applications, things have changed too.


            The nature of the hyperspace allows for many tasks early philosophers could only dream about.  Something which Vennevar Bush would have been glad to experience.  His idea of the Memex, penned in the 40’s, became a reality, and it probably went beyond his imagination.